6 Most Important Astrology Tips to solve your Marriage Problems

6 Most Important Astrology Tips to solve your Marriage Problems

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Karan Sharma

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All of us wish to live a life where our families stay happy. No one in this world can stay alone, everyone needs a partner with whom he or she can carry a beautiful life of dreams. Astrology is a science that throws light on the path of man’s life. Planets and stars have a great impact on the lives of people on earth. Whenever the problem starts rising, the husband and wife need to look into the matter and try hard to resolve the issues rather than putting blame on each other. Without the guidance, drifting is impending. So, everyone needs the guidance of the best love marriage problem solution astrologer. Main reasons which contribute to love marriage problem is high expectations for married life. Following are some problems that are generally experienced in married life:

  • Lack of misunderstanding between the two.
  • Creating unnecessary environment.
  • Delay in marriage.
  • A woman may not like to live with her in-laws.
  • Understanding between the two but due to the weak financial condition, she is not happy.
  • Husband harassing the woman on one or the other concept.
  • A man may have an understanding with his wife but not with the in-laws.
  • Woman doubts her husband and falls ill due to his affair with the other woman.

Astrology offers various remedies to all relationship and marriage related problems. Some of the astrological remedies are as follows:

  • The first astrological remedy is you should put some turmeric powder to the bathing water. This is applicable for both girls and boys and after the bath, both of them should put a saffron tilak on the forehead.
  • The second remedy is to put red sindhoor in a small silver box. Take 21 energized and wash them with plain water. After that wipe, these energized gomati chakras with a clean cloth and keep them in the sindhoor box. On Monday morning offer them to Maa Parvati feet praying for good marital life. This is to be preferably performed on Monday.
  • Mars and are usually responsible for a quarrel, one can take the circle of people tree on Saturday. If husband-wife quarrel with each other donates black urad on three Saturdays.
  • Rahu is responsible for extramarital affairs and when Rahu get the support of Venus then one face a lot of problems. If a husband does an extramarital affair, then the wife should do fast on Thursday. If a wife does extramarital affairs, then the husband should do fast on Friday.
  • If moon or Venus is weak in one’s horoscope and there is less attraction or love, the wife can light ghee lamp under the basil plant every evening. A wife should regularly wear pink clothes and black colored clothes.
  • Sun, Shani, Mars, and Rahu plays an important role in case of divorce. In this case, one should do fasts on Monday, offer 27 bell patra and water to Lord Shiva every morning.

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