How to get rid of extramarital affairs of husband

How to get rid of extramarital affairs of husband

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According to Hindu culture, astrology plays an important role in our daily lives. Marriage is treated as the biggest eternal law of cosmos. It is the concept that was created only to keep the partners loyal to each other. But in the world of social networking people make more friends on social networking sites and get involved in extramarital affairs just for their physical satisfaction. So, do you think that you can judge extramarital affairs with astrology?  Love astrologer in India says that you can. Yes, it’s true that astrology is the exact method which reveals the secret behind the extramarital affairs of people. One can take the help of Love marriage specialist to effortlessly have the information about the extramarital affair of your husband. Extramarital affairs can be easily judged when the Kundalis or Horoscope of the proposed couple is matched. Astrologers say that when they analyze the presented Horoscope of the couple and if the Dosha do not get balance in the horoscope the match should be rejected.

Planets and houses of astrology that cause extramarital affairs

If we go by the astrology study it is believed that there are four considerable factors that play a major role in extramarital affairs. The major factors are - mind, love, courage to break social norms and passion. The planets ruling the mental state of a person are the Moon, Venus, Rahu and Mars. According to ancient Vedic astrology, it is considered that if the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 11th and 12 houses of astrology and their Lords get connected with any of these four planets then there is a greater possibility that your husband will cheat on you and have an extramarital love affair and relationship.

Astrological Remedies for extramarital affairs

It is believed that Love problem solution by astrology offers the best astrological remedies that can help you to get rid of your husband’s extramarital affairs. Few remedies are as follows-

  • To strengthen your marriage spread some kumkum where your husband sleeps and in the morning apply the same in the partition of your hair chanting the name of Maa Parvati.
  • Lighting a piece of camphor in the bedroom every night that may also help you to get rid of your husband’s secret extramarital affair.
  • If you know the name of the person your husband is having an affair with, write the name on the lotus seed and burn them till the ashes are formed. This remedy may also work as beneficial one for an extramarital affair of your husband.

One must try to follow the above mentioned astrological remedies to get desired results, but these must be followed under the guidance of Love marriage specialist astrologer in India. He also delivers online sessions for providing best love marriage problem solutions.