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Whether you are facing problems in Love marriage, Intercaste marriage, Delayed marriage or willing to get your lost love back, our world famous astrologer Pt. Karan Sharma Ji can help you achieve the desires of your life and live it the way you want. Our astrologer is a love marriage specialist, who is counted as one of the top most astrologers all over the world.

The astrology services provided by our astrologer have been helping the thousands of people and are highly admired, in nations all across the globe. With years of experience and wide knowledge in astrology field, our astrologer Pt. Karan Sharma Ji is capable of solving all types of problems, at pocket friendly prices.

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Benefits of Worshipping Shiva and Love Vashikaran Mantra to Solve Marriage Related Problems

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Shiva is the diety of dance, music and love and is known as Nataraja. When in meditative state, Shiva is stoic as The Himalayas while in lighter moments Shiva possesses the most affable and loud laughter. He has a loving family with his Wife Gauri who represents nature. They have two sons and a daughter. Ganesha (remover of hurdles) and Karthikeya (warrior of gods) are their sons and Ashok Sundari is the daughter.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:- Which planets in Vedic astrology make distribution in a love marriage?


In generally, there are several combination used in Vedic astrology for the occurrence of love marriages. Some of them are given below:

  • Combination of 5th house with Venus.
  • Combination of 7th house with Venus.
  • Combination of 3th with 5th house increases the chances of love marriage and makes the relationship stable.
  • Combination of 5th and 7th house is considered highly effective for love...